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The eductional facilites and courses at LCO.

"A UNIQUE LEARNING EXPERIENCE"... RESIDENTIAL WORKSHOPS in GNU/LINUX at a peaceful mountain retreat in one of the most unspoilt regions of central France.

The Centre provides an environment conducive to supplementing existing IT skills, and increasing awareness of the principles of free/open-source software through hands-on use.

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  • The training style is based on proven methods. Research confirms that studying in an area of rural calm, free from pollution and city stress, helps open the brain's receptors to learning processes. This promotes generation of an individual's ideas while at the same time channeling these ideas into team effort. The LCO method encourages and speeds up the learning process.

  • To stimulate learning, sessions comprise workgroups of 2-4, on projects designed to be thought provoking. Each participant is allocated a networked Linux workstation for the duration of their stay. This method allows each team to research, evaluate, develop and create a solution through their combined effort.

  • LCO France is geared for group sizes of no more than eight participants per session.
    Guidance and supervision is always available.

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