Virtual Realities

Opensimulator - 3D Virtuality on a server

The future of internet communication is moving into a new era. An era more in keeping with the environment; an era of amazing technological development for the 21st century.

3D Worlds are rapidly gaining importance in the fields of education, architecture, town planning, conferencing and all manner of business. They present new and exciting environments for groups of people with similar interests to communicate.

Why waste valuable resources on travel and accommodation, when you can attend in person and interact in the same way as in real life, without moving from your desk.

Your Avatar (a virtual surrogate who's appearance you can customise to look however you choose) is controlled by you either by keyboard or keyboard/voice through an easy-to-use Viewer interface - a little like the web-browsers we use currently.

The 3D world in which your avatar communicates, can be designed and constructed to suit whatever purpose you wish. Create a fantasy world, a formal conference centre, or a 3D model of a real-life building in which rooms are designed to allow for public chat, private conferences, or group brainstorming.

LCO France can help you turn your ideas into a virtual reality.

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