Computing courses

A range of tuition using the GNU/Linux system

The Centre is designed to provide an environment conducive to supplementing existing IT skills levels, and increasing awareness of the principles of free and open-source software using the GNU/Linux operating system. It is geared towards, but not restricted to groups of six to eight participants at one time. Book on your own or with a friend, you will be made welcome.

LCO offers comfortable relaxed accommodation on Chambres d'hotes basis, with breakfast, lunch and evening meal, providing a taste of the region's cuisine.

The location provides clean mountain air, pure water and the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere of total immersion in the peace and calm of a rural setting while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Aimed primarily at, but not restricted to the UK market, workshops are normally conducted in the English language with special guest speakers attending on some of the more advanced workshops.  French speakers with a modest knowledge of English should have no difficulty learning. All workshops feature hands-on experience of the GNU/Linux desktop environment. Participants get an account on the LCO Network for the duration of their stay.

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Linux Installation
Fundamentals of Linux
Migrating to Desktop Linux
Networking Linux Servers
e-Commerce Applications
VoIP, PABX and Wireless
Webdesign and Management
Server Administration
Multi-Media Mysteries
Dynamic Webdesign (CodeIgniter)
Electronic Design with Kicad
Installing OpenSimulator
Working in 3D Virtual Worlds

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