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LCO France is the brainchild of David Bell and Dave Holden, down-to-earth, ex-london social entrepreneurs who became disillusioned by the lack of UK support for their broad-based skills in Web technology, networking, advocacy of GNU/Linux and promoting open source through actual use.

In 2003, aged in their fifties, the two Daves chose to cut their losses and aim at 'living the dream' for their future.

The two Daves chose France as the location for their new venture, as it offered space, friendly people and property at sensible prices. As a bonus came a healthy lifestyle, great food and wines and some of the most delicious and highly sought after wild mushrooms on the planet.

They found a village property in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of Auvergne, a house that had been shuttered and unoccupied for many years. Once a former hotel and far too large for the average family, the house which dates from 1853, is a central feature of the village of St Alyre, but it needed a lot of renovation.

Today, as you enter through the oak front door you are confronted by a six seat cybercafe with tables, a gentle ambient blend of old and new, where you can relax and enjoy a coffee, tea, or cold drink. The computer equipment, though somewhat dated, happily runs a recent version of OpenSuSE Linux, Firefox browser, Open Office, Skype and more. Want an english keyboard, or french, just ask.

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