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Some of the volunteers and helpers that LCO has hosted. From as far afield as Poland, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Austria, Slovakia, USA and Hungary.

LCO France is an entirely Linux based not-for-profit association:-
Here at LCO France, a new project is under development. Today, "virtual worlds" are becoming a new form of communication for businesses, organisations and enterprises of all kinds.

The main virtual world is currently SecondLife, which is used by 65-75,000 people every day. However, as this is a largely proprietary experience, (with restricted building ability), many are now looking at alternatives for their educational, on-line conference and promotional needs.

OpenSimulator is one such alternative. The software is opensource. Whilst still in an Alpha stage of development, it is being actively developed by a team who wish to see an open grid of virtual worlds online.

LCO France runs an OpenSim server on-line. It hosts 11 regions which are loosely based on real life in the villages, nature parks, mountains and forests of central france.

Its primary aim as an educational tool is to spread awareness of the values and advantages to be gained from shared learning in harmony with nature, as a recent study at the University of Michigan has confirmed.

LCO now seeks a small team, not only to participate in the development of the project but also to spend some time living away from the stress caused by the pressures of modern life.

If you have at least three of the skills listed below, or believe you have other skills to benefit the project, and the idea of a sabbatical for three to six months or longer as a volunteer with LCO, joining our small team to bring this idea to reality is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • * 3D Graphical skills (Blender, Wings 3D, or compatible alternative)
  • * French language skills
  • * lsl Scripting skills
  • * Environmental/ecological skills
  • * SL Object creation skills using the client tools.
  • * C# or other development languages.
  • * Video and Audio editing.

Volunteers will be provided with accommodation, meals and refreshments during their stay, but will need to provide their own travel expenses to and from Auvergne and their own medical insurance cover.


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